Service Conditions and Agreement

“Seller” here is THINKWEAR by PSI Marketing Co., Ltd.
“Buyer” here is the customer who signed by the end of this document.
1. In confirming the proposal, Buyer admits to legally obtained the copyright and reproduction right of the image(s) for use.
2. Any required changes that will be beyond existing stencils can be used, Buyer accepts that there will be additional sampling fee.
3. Upon cancelling the orders either by Buyer or Seller with any reasons, Seller reserves the right to charge on the expenses on sample making or production those already done.
4. Sample piece(s) are Seller's properties. After Buyer examines the sample(s), Buyer is obligated to return the said sample(s) back to Seller.
5. Seller will issue Tax Invoice to Buyer's registered business entity so Buyer can deduct withholding tax of 3% by law but only to the service fees. If Buyer registers as person, Buyer cannot deduct the said withholding tax.
6. In case the total payment is delayed beyond the delivery date, Seller is entitled to charge interest rate on such amount at 20% per year until they have been paid.
7. Defective goods will have to be notified to Seller within 3 days, beyond this and the delivery will be considered accepted and completed. The proposal will be considered fulfilled.
8. If delivered goods have significant discrepancies from the proposal and Buyer choose to refuse to accept the goods, Seller will only reproduce to fulfil the quantity as stated on this proposal.
9. Defective goods will be considered Seller's properties and Seller reserves the right on the said goods and to use it as see fit.
10. Seller reserves the right to reproduce the goods from the minimum of 50 pieces.
11. Buyer hereby allows Seller to use the finished goods and/or image of the finished goods only in Public Relation and Promotion of Seller's businesses appropriately and without prior notice.

By signing at the end of this Service Conditions and Agreement, I here agrees and accepts to be “Buyer” by the above.